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2nd Pregnancy: First Visit to the Doctor

On Wednesday, I paid my first visit to Dr Wong (the O&G who delivered Gavin) since discovering I was pregnant.  It was pretty much a routine check-up and confirmation that my pregnancy is viable, i.e. no ectopic implantation, etc.  Although I felt it was pretty much a given, I think it was a load off everyone else’s mind to have the doctor’s confirmation that I really was pregnant and that everything was going well.  When I told my MIL about the doctor’s appointment, I could see her visibly relax from the good news.

These are the current stats for baby number 2:

Estimated Due Date: November 29 (looks like I need to adjust my pregnancy ticker – although Dr Wong felt we might need to monitor the date as we go along since my cycle isn’t regular)
Size: 1.7cm
Estimated Age of Pregnancy: 7 weeks 4 days (or thereabouts)

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Dr Wong has read my blog and recognised Gavin from the pictures I’ve been posting.  I honestly thought he’d be too busy for that kind of thing given the kind of hours he works – for instance, on Monday he had two (or was it three?) deliveries to attend to as well as his usual patients at Pantai and his private clinic.

We brought Gavin along so he could also see the baby on the monitor.  We’ve been trying to get him used to the idea that another baby is on the way and I thought this would help.  The only hitch was that he was bored witless in the waiting room while I waited for my appointment because I forgot to bring his go bag.  Hubby thought we should leave him at home for the next appointment but when I asked Gavin, he seemed game to come along again.

Personally, I think it’s a great idea because the whole experience is such an enriching one.  Instead of me planning excursions to the National Science Center to teach him about how babies grow, he can witness it for himself and watch the baby moving about on the ultrasound.

The only issue that Dr Wong raised was my nursing Gavin.  He felt I should slowly wean him off by the fifth month of pregnancy because nursing triggers the release of oxytocin which is the hormone responsible for uterine contractions.  It is believed that nursing during pregnancy can lead to preterm labour.

I wasn’t going to wean Gavin.  My BFF, who is about to deliver soon has been nursing her son all the way through her pregnancy without any problems (except painful nipples).  I was pretty much planning to go the same way but clearly, hubby looks as if he thinks I should reconsider given Dr Wong’s advice.  So before he berates me for putting my unborn child at risk, I thought I had better take a closer look at the risks of nursing through pregnancy.

Stay tuned for more on this topic…

Published by Shen-Li

SHEN-LI LEE is the author of “Brainchild: Secrets to Unlocking Your Child’s Potential”. She is also the founder of (a website on parenting, education, child development) and (a website on Right Brain Education, cognitive development, and maximising potentials). In her spare time, she blogs on Forty, Fit & Fed, and Back to Basics.

3 thoughts on “2nd Pregnancy: First Visit to the Doctor

  1. I’m just catching up on my feeds so I know I’m behind here but congrats on your pregnancy! How exciting! I remember the huge relief from that first check up too, even if it’s no surprise. 🙂


  2. I’m almost weaning my 21 month-old daughter. Mostly because this pregnancy is really hard..feeling nausea all time but unable to vomit out. Fortunately, she seems ready to wean after a few times of ‘no’ and maybe my milk taste funny too now?? My gynae said the same thing as yours but more importantly, her paed told me that the breast milk provides more comfort rather than any nutrition for her now so I guess that’s sorta of make me stop ‘insisting’ on continue breastfeeding her.


  3. Thanks Lorry! Here’s hoping for a girl this time around!

    Clytia – I haven’t actually tried weaning Gavin, but I have tried distracting him from nursing without much success. He’s pretty focused when he wants his milk. I know he doesn’t need it for nutrition because I can fill him up with food and drink but he’ll still come back for a nursing session at the end of it all.

    I’ve also noticed an increase need to nurse ever since discovering I am pregnant so I think he’s feeling insecure about the changes he senses happening. We try to explain everything to him and to reassure him but I’m not really sure how much of it he gets. Regardless, he still wants to nurse and I don’t really want to wean him when it seems so important to him right now.

    If he had been okay about reducing the number of our nursing sessions, I might have considered weaning, but it doesn’t appear to be that way – in fact it’s the opposite! – so that’s the reason why I’ve decided to continue nursing. I’m hoping it will help him transition the new arrival of a baby better.


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