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2nd Pregnancy Week 7

Based on my amateur calculations, I should be at the beginning of the 8th week of my pregnancy.  We should be able to confirm with the doctor on Wednesday what date I really am at.

Some text books I remember reading say that the symptoms and experiences of the second pregnancy is usually not as bad as the first.  However, based on the reports from some second-time Mums who’ve been through it, it’s worse.  So far, I’ve found it manageable.  I honestly can’t remember whether it is better, as bad, or worse, but I haven’t thrown up yet so that must be a good sign.  Then again, this is only the beginning of week 8 and it could be another 5 to 9 weeks before the symptoms of the first trimester go away for good (if I recall correctly, the morning sickness only went away after a few weeks into the second trimester or thereabouts).

Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms at Week 7 (well, mine at least):

  • Morning sickness continues (all day long but usually worse towards the evening)
  • Tummy upsets (which I think are due to the pregnancy although they sure feel like one of those gastrointestinal bugs you get from eating the wrong thing)
  • Loose stools (we aim to give you the complete low down on this blog – the good, the bad and the ugly) – although I do recall from the first pregnancy that the problem I had was usually constipation rather than loose stools.
  • Extreme fatigue – more so than I remember being when I was pregnant with Gavin.  Then again, I didn’t exactly have a toddler who interrupted me every time I tried to lie down for twenty-winks.
  • Midnight hunger pangs – I also don’t remember being this hungry with Gavin, but again, I wasn’t nursing a toddler at the same time during the first pregnancy.
  • Sensitivity to smells – I’m finding it difficult to tolerate certain smells, such as that damp clothes smell when you don’t dry the clothes properly, and the smells of deep fried foods.
  • Night-time wakefulness – despite being extremely tired during the day, I find it difficult to get to sleep at night.  My brain seems to go into overdrive when it turns dark and I can’t settle down to sleep – go figure.
  • Cravings – it seems to change all the time.  I’ve gone for crisps, instant noodles, oatmeal, sandwiches, Arnott’s Teddy Bear Biscuits, Ipoh Hor Fun, and Beef Rendang Nasi Lemak.  I can’t take plain water.  My tastebuds seem to have dulled and it’s like I need to blast them with strong-flavoured foods.  For instance, I don’t usually take chili with my food but recently, I’ve been eating hubby’s chili instant noodles.  They are so spicy, I cry every time I eat them, but I still eat them because the regular instant noodles I usually consume taste bland.
  • Food intolerance – believe it or not, I can’t take certain chocolate flavours (and this is coming from a chocoholic).  Milo is fine but the Belgian chocolate-flavoured Haagan Dazs ice cream made me feel like throwing up.
  • Nipple sensitivity – the thing I’ve been dreading most about this pregnancy is the pain of nursing a toddler while pregnant.  Based on two accounts I’ve heard so far, the pain is unbearable.  That alone should have been enough to convince me not to get pregnant until Gavin had weaned.  Nevertheless, I am pregnant and nursing a toddler and I’m glad to say that so far the experience is a lot less painful than I imagined.  I had a tougher time nursing when I had cracked nipples, blocked ducts and mastitis.  So now I’m hoping that the whole painful nursing during pregnancy might be a case by case basis and that I might be the lucky one to escape it…

Tips for surviving morning sickness (at least what worked for me):

  • Eucalyptus oil (I’m using that Chinese medicated oil by Axe brand for a cheaper alternative) – a little of this on my nose does wonders to abate the nausea.  I can even finish a meal I couldn’t stomach before.
  • I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed that whitish build up on your tongue after a while?  I usually brush that off with my toothbrush while I’m cleaning my teeth.  I find that when I’m pregnant, I feel like gagging when I try to clean my tongue but it seems more bearable if I clean my tongue after I wash off the toothpaste.  I find cleaning my tongue (at least partially) helps remove that horrid stale taste that lingers.
  • Small sips of sweet liquids like Ribena, cordial or 100Plus.

It doesn’t get rid of the nausea completely but I find that it makes living with morning sickness more bearable.

Published by Shen-Li

SHEN-LI LEE is the author of “Brainchild: Secrets to Unlocking Your Child’s Potential”. She is also the founder of (a website on parenting, education, child development) and (a website on Right Brain Education, cognitive development, and maximising potentials). In her spare time, she blogs on Forty, Fit & Fed, and Back to Basics.

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