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Sights and Sounds: Butterfly Park – Taman Rama Rama

I was planning to take Gavin to see the Dino Trek exhibition at KLCC only to discover that it was closed on Mondays.  The closest we got to the dinosaurs were the two exhibits they had on display at the entrance.


It was the second time that we were attempting to view the dinosaur exhibit without success and I felt rather bad disappointing Gavin again for the second time (the first time, we made the mistake of going on a Saturday and the queue lines were so long I thought it best to come back during a weekday when most other parents were working).  To make it up to Gavin, I took him to the Butterfly Park (otherwise known as Taman Rama Rama) near Lake Gardens instead.

The entry fee was free for Gavin and RM9 for me (RM8 + RM1 for my camera).  Opened 9am-6pm daily, you don’t have to worry about it ever being closed.


The place is fairly small and you get through it pretty quickly.  The shot above is intended to give you an idea of what the butterfly enclosure looks like, but I’m afraid it doesn’t do justice (sorry – amateur photographer with a point and shoot).


My only gripes about the Butterfly Park is that it isn’t very child friendly.  The steps are uneven and the undulating pathways can trip up an unwary toddler.  There is also a rock bridge that is freely accessible to all – so keep your young ones close to you if you do decide to pay a visit.


Gavin had fun wandering along the various pathways that snaked around the garden.  He also enjoyed himself looking at the butterflies, which flew around so much he had trouble keeping track of them.


The good thing was that they had these areas with pineapples that attracted some of the butterflies to stop for a while which gave Gavin a good opportunity to study them.


Some of the butterflies were friendly and landed for a while so Gavin could look at them.  Unfortunately, he had a habit of getting too close and they would fly off again.  The green butterfly in the above shot was particularly friendly for it kept flying around us and stopping every so often.  Gavin would exclaim excitedly, “Green butterfly!”


Aside from the butterflies, there was a Koi pond,


and turtles.


On the way out, there is a short exhibit of creepy crawlies,


deadly creatures (there was a tarantula and some giant millipedes – but I was too grossed out to take pictures of those),


stick insects (there are three in the photo above – can you find them?), and lots of other funny creatures which I didn’t take photos of.  They also had educational posters, for instance how caterpillars become butterflies.


They also have displays of different butterflies from all over the world.  The photo above shows some of the most beautiful butterflies in the world from South America.


And, of course, the butterflies of Malaysia.

It all ends at a souvenir shop where you can buy a variety of local souvenirs as well as butterfly magnets.  Gavin chose a lovely blue butterfly fridge magnet.

Tips for parents bringing children to the Butterfly Park:

  • dress lightly as it gets very hot in there
  • bring insect repellent – there isn’t a lot of mosquitoes but there are some around
  • forget the stroller because there are way too many steps to navigate and it’s small enough so you don’t really need it anyway
  • a towel to dry off sweat or something to cover up for your child as you will be going from the heat into an air-conditioned exhibit which can be a bit cold

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