Sights and Sounds: Immunoland at 1Utama


I took Gavin to visit Immunoland at 1Utama yesterday.  I’d heard read about it in the Star events update but was mislead into thinking it was a single day event.  Well, it did seem strange that they would host the event for only one day and choose the middle of the week to do it.  Turns out that Immunoland will be at the Lower Ground Floor Oval in 1Utama until this Sunday (22 March).  They are open from 10am to 10pm.


Hosted by Mamil Gold, Immunoland hosts a variety of activities that teach children about their immune system.


They have bad bugs for the kids to use as “punching bags”.  Gavin didn’t really like the looks of them so he stayed well clear of them.


They offer a photo opportunity with the Immunoland robot. Unfortunately, Gavin wasn’t interested either.


There’s a battle station where kids can play a game and “shoot” the bad bacteria.


Then there is a rocket that the kids can board where they learn about their immune systems.  I’m not too sure what happens in there since Gavin wasn’t keen to go in but it looks like a theater-style setup.

I took Gavin for a walk around the display but that was basically about as far as we got.  He wasn’t interested to try anything.  I was also approached by a few Mamil Gold promoters who asked what formula we were using.  After I told them Gavin was still on breast milk, they smiled, said, “That’s great,” and pretty much left us alone after that.

I sort of thought there would be more educational materials on display, but perhaps they were all inside the rocket.  If you’ve got a child, it might be worthwhile heading down there to check it out.  I noticed that the kindergartens are taking their kids there, too.  Any why not since entry is free and they might learn something.

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